Same Day Dentures

don’t  panic incase your dentures or your natural tooth is damaged due to some reason.


Smile For Ever

The next time your dentists removes your damaged teeth, you don’t have to be worried or be conscious about the missing tooth. With our team of Dentists and onsite technicians you won’t have to wait for days or weeks to come, the immediate dentures will be ready as we can make it on same day. It usually takes between 4 to 8 hours depending on the case. While your dentures are in the making you could wait or shop around and be back to walk out wearing your new set of dentures taking advantage of our same day denture service.

About Same Day Denture


Onsite Dental Lab

Dental Clinic with an onsite Dental Technician for faster turnarounds

Same Day Denture Service

Walk out with a new set of dentures on the same day.

Complete Dental Care Solutions

Our team of seasoned professionals would love to assist you giving our best.

Fully Responsive

In Persuit of Satisfaction

Every patient is unique so is our approach, one patient at a time.

Express Denture Service

Our processes are lined up to cater to patients in need of dentures on the same day when they have got their natural teeth extracted.  Every smile is unique and to maintain this we create a ready to wear a partial or a complete denture the same day of the treatment. Our technicians work hand in hand with the Dentist as well as the patients to recreate the bespoke dentures after the extraction of the teeth.

Post Healing Process

Immediately after teeth are extracted, the tooth pockets and gums need time to heal. The healing process depends on the individuals overall heath and the immunity level. It could take anywhere between 8 to 12 week time for your tissues and gums to heal after the same day dentures services rendered to our patients. Over this period there is a possibility of a change in the shape of your gums. A denture relining would be needed or you might as well need a new denture. We at 121 Earl’s Court Dental Practice are here to guide and guard you at various stages feel free to call us for a free anytime between 08:30 – 19:00 hrs on 020 7373 4846